Some of my favorite websites

{{unknown}}Cool UX Maker Site Iconographer Also, note a great set of templates. Great Site – Awesome dorky projects! Cool Design Website // Colossal Type of the year // I heart type Under the recommendation of a friend, I started reading this EXCELLENT Blog. Surprisingly good. Typetester // web-based type tool Recommended by a Croatian designer who wrote a great article in Smashing magazine. Guys name is Marko Dugonjic. The Walden Font Co. Check em out at…

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How Much Does it Cost? // Startup Apps

Great article written about the actual cost incurred when starting up a new tech company. Much more expensive than you’re probably thinking. Example, it’s written that twitter & instagram would both cost around 250k to get a Minimum Viable Product, or MVP.!zgE3f

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America is not a country // Just a business

I’d like to say that this was my little phrase that I’d made up myself, but I didn’t. It’s at the end of the final monologue that concludes the movie “Killing Them Softly”. All in all, the movie is pretty worthless, until you hear Brad Pitt (I know, he’s a stud) close up to the credits with an truly revealing, albeit a short monologue, it shows the ultimate purpose of the entire movie. Watch after 2:10, that’s when it’s interesting. Yes, the movie is asking…

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San Francisco // Mothballed in the streets

Yesterday, a friend of mine, Cole Fox & I hit the tenderloin of San Francisco. Why? Boredom? An excuse to warmup our camera skills? Not sure, but we had a blast and met some more interesting people than we normally do. The neighborhood was bustling with young and old vagrants alike. One of our younger interviewees, Jeb from Florida was open & candid. At just 18 he took a bus out here to sunny California, now 27 years old he calls the streets of SF…

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