GreekApe // The Company

It’s a company I started in college. It was my second year, after I made a few shirts for my own fraternity, I thought I’d try my hand with the rest of them. GreekApe was born with the idea to make better tees by greeks, for greeks.


Original Logo created in college apartment in 2007


Cali flag inspired business card layout


GreekApe // Promotional Boxes

We made these cool promo boxes with 2 tees, a poster, a signed letter, stickers, and of course business cards to the top 10 leads in every organization.


The Promo Box
The Promo Box // opened
The Promo Box // Inside

GreekApe // Web Presence // Home Page // Sororities // Sororities // Product Detail // Chi Omega Page // Contact


Fun Animated GIFs from the site


GreekApe // Facebook Pics



Pre-Web Launch teaser


GreekApe // Email Marketing campaigns


Tri Delta Email Blast
SigEp Email Blast
Chi Omega Email Blast
AEPi Email Blast


GreekApe // Inside the studio



GreekApe // In the field



GreekApe // Inside the HQ