San Francisco // Mothballed in the streets

Yesterday, a friend of mine, Cole Fox & I hit the tenderloin of San Francisco. Why? Boredom? An excuse to warmup our camera skills? Not sure, but we had a blast and met some more interesting people than we normally do.

The neighborhood was bustling with young and old vagrants alike. One of our younger interviewees, Jeb from Florida was open & candid. At just 18 he took a bus out here to sunny California, now 27 years old he calls the streets of SF home. Jeb has been either in jail or on the streets since he was 18 years old. He looked young though, even with his tattoos & spindly worn body, he was still just a boy who’d yet to grow out of the streets that raised him. We didn’t ask about his parents, but one can only assume that he probably didn’t have as many opportunities as those reading this.

Another man, Dennis was much older. He was hunched over his bottle of blueberry vodka when we met him. He defined himself as part of the streets, having lived there for over 30 years. By the end of our talk, he seemed exhausted and hung back over himself and took a nap. Apparently the interview required more mental energy than he was able to give.

Walking away from a mothball fleet of abandoned human beings, it’s unclear what to take away from this experience. Here are a few excerpts from our morning Cole put together on youtube.