Sharing the mind

We’ll call this a wandering thought, therefore, we cannot expect much from this.


I am renovating my first house now. Visited a new friend who has been tremendously helpful already, and I’m not completely sure why, although I take his help gladly. Let’s call him Mac. I visited Mac’s project today. It’s a spectacular house with new steel straps, recessed lights, HUGE beams, it even has fire sprinklers in it. It was really exciting to walk through and experience something that was nothing only a few months ago, that is now a living breathing project. I came to ask his advice, but I was really more excited to see his project coming along. Quite amazing to see such a large project coming along right in front of your eyes. He gave his advice generously and eagerly, and I was only too happy to listen to it. He’s probably a great man.


I often talk to my uncle over the phone, long conversations that can go on for a long time chewing the fat with him, and then suddenly, and sometimes unknowingly he’ll bestow up me a gem of wisdom that I find pondering for days after we’ve spoke. He’s got so many different experiences, and so much to offer, I often enjoy our conversations and am proud to have him as part of my family.


I love to listen to, and see others experiences. In a lot of ways I am always in a hurry to get busy living or moving. I eat food fast, I move my body quickly, and I talk quickly. However, often I find myself listing to others long drawn out stories with great interest because they are showing me a great big bright slice of their lives, and I selfishly take it. I take it knowing that I have saved myself all the time that they have spent experiencing it, and living it, and have been generous enough to share it with me. People are all around us, and they’re full of knowledge. As vast as the internet is, it cannot explain everything. Even the dullest fool who’s spent years and years perfecting one simple and seemingly boring task as laying brick can really enlighten you. Because we all don’t spend our time thinking of the things we do, but rather many of us dream while what we do is something completely different. We know the clearest path to one thought to another is a straight line, however thoughts don’t work like that, as much as there are no straight lines. So let us curve our dreams into what we do, and enjoy the minds of those around us. When there are those that are willing to listen, and you are able to give, I think the world ask that you give that back to it just as eagerly and greedily you’ve taken it so many times before.